Thursday, June 9, 2016

Five Simple Summer Recipes for a Full Day of Camping

When we're busy traveling on the road, we look for recipes that are fun, easy to make, and delicious! We've put together a full day of meals to try that are simple and guaranteed to please the whole family.

1) Breakfast: Omelettes in a Bag
Make as many personalized omelettes you want - one for each family member! All you need is boiling water and freezer bags to cook your omelette creations. Put your beaten eggs with any desired ingredients in the bag, and drop them in the water for 5-10 minutes. A pro-tip: halfway through cooking, remove your baggies and break up the mixture inside, to make sure they get fully cooked. Breakfast in a breeze!

2) Lunch: Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches
All you need is 4 ingredients and some skewers! Thread some sausages and red peppers on a skewer and grill until cooked through. Grill some garlic bread for a few minutes until lightly browned, then assemble your sandwiches with mozzarella cheese in the middle. Juicy and hearty!

3) Snack/Appetizer: Grilled Corn on the Cob 

This outdoor classic never fails to please. Soak in some sugar water with the husk on before cooking for a sweet touch. Or put a spin on the classic by grilling each side with the husk off until slightly charred, and rubbing lime and salt on after it's cooked for a savory delight!

4) Dinner: Grilled Pizza
This is another easy to customize meal, so everyone gets exactly what they like! And all you need for the pizza core are your three classic ingredients: shredded cheese, pizza sauce, and English muffins as the bread base. Sprinkle any desired toppings on and grill over foil until your cheese is bubbling and browned. Healthy tip: instead of English muffins, try Portabello mushrooms with a little oil (and bake, not grill) for a creative new taste!

5) Dessert: Pineapple Inside Out Donuts
Finish up your cooking on the grill with these sweet and caramelized donuts, with just 3 ingredients! Cut some plain cake donuts in half and place pineapple slices inside the halves with a few tablespoons of brown sugar pressed on. Wrap in foil and cook over hot coals or the grill for 20 minutes, turning them over halfway. Once the brown sugar is melted, they're ready to be eaten up. Pro-tip: you can use any flavor of donut you'd like!

And there are our five recipes for a complete day of delicious food. Which recipe would you want to try first? Let us know in the comments, we can't wait to hear!

Happy camping!

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