Saturday, July 1, 2017

Williamsburg is for Kids, too!


Williamsburg is full of activities and things to see no matter how old you are. The area is not just for the young at heart, but can be enjoyable for those who are young in age as well. As such, here are a few ideas to ensure that the children are entertained during your stay in the area, and with us at the Williamsburg KOA.

1. Colonial Williamsburg:
Why simply learn about history when you can experience it? At Colonial Williamsburg, kids can see a blacksmith preparing horseshoes, a soldier guarding stores of gunpowder, and a town crier making daily announcements all in one place. With constant reenactments and a historic atmosphere, kids can experience what life was like in colonial times and have fun doing it! A visit to Colonial Williamsburg can be fun and educational for the whole family.

2. Jamestown Settlement:
There are always plenty of things to see and do at Jamestown.  Take a tour through time and experience the rise of the Jamestown Settlement, one of the first British colonies in the Americas. See hundreds of artifacts from the settlement's history and experience the Jamestown way of life with both guided tours and open recreations. Watch native Powhatans make their food and see the interiors of the settler's houses and ships. Jamestown Settlement makes playing settlers and Indians almost as much fun as playing cowboys and Indians.

3. Busch Gardens/Water Country:
Whether you want to enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster or the refreshing rush of a water slide, Busch Gardens and Water Country are the perfect places to spend the dog days of summer. Both parks have unique family and kid-friendly attractions that are sure to be fun for the whole family. Busch Gardens in particular has many KIDsiderate attractions and rides, including the Sesame Street Forest of Fun for younger toddlers and children,and wild rides like Tempesto and Verbolten for the teens and young adults. Fun is just around the corner at Busch Gardens and Water Country no matter how old(or young) you are!

4.  Go Ape!:
For those who dream of swinging through the trees with the greatest of ease, Go Ape may be just what you have been looking for. The whole family can enjoy a treetop romp with two separate courses. The younger kids can join in the fun with Treetop Junior, a tree-to-tree zip line course made for kids of all ages.  Meanwhile, the kids ages 10 and up and kids-at-heart can enjoy a 2+ hour adventure with Treetop Adventure. So swing into a journey through the treetops during your next stop at Williamsburg.

5. Ripley's Believe it or Not:
Believe it! Williamsburg does in fact have a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, and the facts you find there are stranger than any of the fiction you can imagine.It is home to over 11 themed galleries, a transformer, (don't worry he is an Autobot) and a two-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex; a visit here is sure to leave you amazed. Ripley's Believe It or Not is more than just an ODDitorium of strange oddities, it also features Virginia's only laser race obstacle course, Catfish Cove mini-golf course, and a 4-D movie theater which means there is no reason not to be entertained while you are there.

6. KOA Activities:
After the daytime fun is done, come back to the campground, relax, and enjoy the evening's activities. Every evening from 6pm on, our Summershiners and staff offer a variety of activities for our guests to participate in, from Gaga Ball, an Israeli form of dodgeball, to organizing The Teeny Tiny Farm, a miniature petting zoo, we have it all. From time to time we even have special guests stop by and visit Such as, queen Elsa  Finally, to round the day off, we turn off the big light in the sky, turn on the projector, and watch a family friendly movie under the stars. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the fun with the whole family.