Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pokemon GO Meets Camping at KOA

Chances are you've heard about the influx of Pokemon creatures that have populated the planet- or at least most people's cell phones. Pokemon GO is a free-to-play augmented reality game that has captured the attention of over 21 million people. The game combines technology with nature as people explore the outdoors to search wild Pokemon. And there's no better place to explore than while camping here at Williamsburg KOA!

We have over 180 acres for you and Pokemon to roam. You can even stock up on pokeballs and potions at our very own PokeStop. Our beautiful campground has various terrains which will help you find different types of Pokemon. Water type Pokemon hang out near bodies of water, grass types are in fields, and some even come out only at night! Check out some we've run into so far:

Fearow by a cabin 
Nidoran on a trail 
Spearow Spider Climbing 
Venonat at Splash Pad

And there are several ways to play here while camping. Scan your surroundings for a Pikachu on your way to an outdoor movie screening. Catch Pokemon after taking a break on our Jumping Pillow. Restock at our PokeStop in between ice cream at Ted's and s'mores around the campfire.

We welcome our campers to walk about the grounds and catch all the new and exciting Pokemon that call KOA their home. Go ahead and bring the whole family - there's sure to be something for everyone here at Williamsburg KOA.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hidden Treasures: The Joys of Geocaching

If you've been looking for a new outdoor activity to share with your family, look no further. Within patches of forest and national parks, there are hidden secrets just waiting for you to find them. Thanks to the invention of 21st century GPS technology, geocaching has become the next hottest craze as a modern treasure hunt for all ages.

Geocaching is a fun, free activity that has gained massive popularity across the United States. All you need to start is a smartphone with a GPS. With a simple download of the free official Geocaching app (on Google Play and the App Store), you just have to register with no cost through the app or on the Geocaching website. Then you can seek out one of the nearly 100 geocaches we have in the Williamsburg area and we even have a few near our campground that you can find on foot!

Once you get the GPS coordinates for each geocache (the ones on our campground can be found at the front desk), your group can start your searching adventure. First, use your phone or GPS to find the general location of the cache and follow the trail to its hiding spot. They can be hidden in anything from stumps to bushes to tree branches, so search carefully. After you find it, open the case up and write your name in the log to let everyone know that you have been there. Some geocaches even have little trinkets and treasures inside them, but if you take something, make sure to replace it with something of your own so that people after you can find something special too. This activity is perfect to keep kids engaged and parents entertained! Hunt for geocaches together and share that satisfying feeling when you see a hidden geocache for the first time.

Let your next stay at the Williamsburg KOA introduce you to a new hobby that is sure to become a family favorite, no matter where you are in the US. Get outside and let the treasure hunt begin!